Switching from Arduino Mode to Hummingbird Mode

Approx. Time: 

We have created a simple utility, the Hummingbird Firmware Burner, for switching a Hummingbird Duo from Arduino mode to Hummingbird (tethered) mode. Duo must be in Hummingbird mode to be recognized by the CREATE Lab Visual Programmer or by the BirdBrain Robot Server (used for Snap! and Scratch 2.0). Duo ships in Hummingbird (tethered) mode.

How to Use the Hummingbird Firmware Burner

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1. For first time setup: Follow the instructions to download and install the Hummingbird Firmware Burner.

2. Plug in your Hummingbird and then run the Hummingbird Firmware Burner application.  You should see the following:

3. Press the reset button on the Hummingbird Duo. The button is located next to the USB connector on the bottom side of the board. Once reset is pressed, the firmware burner will load the program on the Hummingbird Duo that converts Duo back to Hummingbird mode. You should see the following status messages:


4. Once the Duo is in Hummingbird mode, the HummingbirdFirmwareBurner will pop up the following status message:

Once you hit OK the status message will change to:

That's it! If the Firmware Burner fails for any reason, try hitting the reset button on the Duo again - on some computers it may takes a few tries to upload.

Advanced Uses

The Hummingbird Firmware burner also provides a convenient way to load arbitrary firmware on the Hummingbird Duo. To use the firmware burner in this way, select "Upload Custom Firmware" and browse for a hex file:

Simply press the reset button on Duo to upload the custom firmware.



Click on the logo corresponding to your operating system to download the appropriate installer.

Download Windows

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Apple Installer

Mac OSX 10.6+

Linux Ubuntu

Other Linux

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and open the installer file; follow the installer directions. 
  2. (On some computers): You may be asked to install Java. The most recent version is available here.
  3. On Mac/Linux, ensure you have installed the Arduino environment.

Source Code

The Hummingbird Firmware Burner is released under the MIT license and full source can be checked out at our Github repo.